Here are all the features Kyle offers and what you can find in it.

📜 × Informative Commands

Kyle also has quite a few helpful commands.

k?bug <problem> × Report a bug to the support server.
k?channelinfo <channel> × Provides detailed information about a channel.
k?fullhelp × Everything is in the name by itself..
k?help × Everything is in the name by itself..
k?howto × Displays instructions on how to set up the bot, how usefull..
k?invite × Get invites from kyle the chef.
k?botinfo × Provides detailed informations about the Kyle.
k?ping × Shows the bot's latency
k?roleinfo <role> × Provides detailed information about a role.
k?serverinfo × Provides detailed information about the current server.
k?support × Get the link of support server
k?userinfo [user] × Provides detailed information about the specified user.
🚀 > Bumping Commands [ Advertising ]

Kyle can offer a really good bumping system that can help you get more people on your server.

Yeah, music cant be missing, kyle support YouTube, Soundcloud and even Spotify! Test it!

k?bump-invite <invite_link> × Set a server invite link for bumping your server.
k?bump × With this command you can bump your server!
k?channel <#channel> × Change your advertisement channel.
k?color <#color> - HEX! × This will change the color of your bump embed.
k?description <text> × Change the description of your bump embed.
k?leaderboard × Displays the top 10 servers based on the number of bumps.
k?preview × Shows your server bump embed
k?setupinfo × Displays information about the bump setup in this server.
🎵 > Music Commands

Yeah, kyle also have really great music. We support YouTube, Spotify and even Soundcloud. Test it!

/play [song] × Play a song
/stop × Stop the currently playing song
/pause × Pause the currently playing song
/resume × Resume playback of the paused song
/skipto [position] × Skip to a specific position in the queue
/skip × Skip the currently playing song
/usefilter [filter] × Apply a filter to the audio
/addsong [song] × Add a song to the queue
/queue × Display the current song queue
/search [queue] [type] × Search for the song, shows up to 5 results.
/set-volume × Changes volume of the music, 10 - 100%!
🎩 × Economy Commands

Kyle also have custom economy, this economy is alot advaned, you should test it out!

/achievements × See all available achievements
/tutorial × Tutorial for economy commands
/pick-job [jobID] × Pick a job by its ID from the job list
/job-list × List all available jobs and their requirements
/coin-flip [amount] × Play a classic coinflip game with taxes
/work × Earn income based on your current job
/crime × Engage in risky criminal activities for income
/global-eco × View information about taxes and the global economy
/create-profile × Create an economy profile to start playing
/profile [user] × View your own or another user's economy profile
/rebirth × Rebirth to increase income and other benefits
/quit-job × Quit your current job to choose a new one
/daily × Claim your daily reward (available every 6 hours)
/eco-leaderboard [type] × View the leaderboard for rebirths and money
/pay [user] × Send cash to another user, beware of taxes!
/slots × Try your luck in slot machine!
/rob × Try your luck and rob someone, be aware of police!
/weekly × Same concept as daily, just weekly rewards.
/spin × Spin a wheel and get special rewards!
/use-code × Use codes from our discord server to get rewards!
/balance × Show your balance.
👩‍💻 × Welcome & Goodbye + Tickets

Kyle not only has a good bump system, but also has a lot to offer in terms of setup commands!

Welcome & Goodbye

Welcome and goodbye system, kyle has this too! However, the only downside that probably won't change is that you can't change the default welcome or goodbye message, but this is just a module you can use if you don't want another bot.

/change-design × Change the welcome or goodbye design
/design-test × Stimulate a welcome or goodbye message for testing
k?goodbye <#channel> × Change your server goodbye channel!
reset <welcome/goodbye/description/channel> × Reset your server welcome, goodbye, description, or channel!
k?welcome <#channel> × Change your server welcome channel!

Ticket System

That's right! Kyle also has a simple ticket system so you don't have to invite other bots!

/create-panel × This command will create a ticket panel according to your wishes.
/ticket-settings × With this command you can configure a lot of ticket settings like what support role will see the ticket.
🌍 × Internet Commands

Want to search something on the internet? This is for you!

k?discordjs [query] × Search for topics on discord.js documentation.
k?google [query] × Perform a Google search and display top search results.
k?wiki <lang> <query> × Search for topics on Wikipedia.
🤣 × Fun & General & Animals

Kyle also has a lot of fun commands and general commands that can keep you entertained! Also we provide alot of animal commands with their picture and random fact about them! :P


k?achievement <text> × Generates an achievement image from Minecraft with the specified text.
k?comment <username> <comment> × Create a fake YouTube comment
k?impostor <@user> × Eject the impostor!
meme [cz/en] × This command will show you memes from Reddit based on your choice: cz / en!
k?morsecode <text> × Convert text to Morse code.
k?reversetext <text> × Reverses the provided text.
k?slap <username> × You can slap anybody with that command.
k?tweet <tweet> [user] × With this command you can make a fake tweets!
k?wisekyle × Ask wise Kyle a question and he'll answer it!


k?lyrics <song name> × Get the lyrics of a song.
k?npm <npm name> × Search for an npm package.
k?periodic-table <element> × Get information about a chemical element.
k?servericon × Displays the server icon with download links!
k?skin <username> × This command allows you to download any minecraft skin based on the skin username.
k?steam <game name> × This command will show you any game from Steam and information about it!
k?vote × Get the link to vote for the bot
k?weather <town> × This command will show you the weather, air temperature, etc. in your city!
k?yt-search <YouTube video name / URL> × This command will give you almost every information about any video on youtube.


k?bird × Random fact about birds and a picture.
k?cat × Random fact about cats and a picture.
k?dog × Random fact about dogs and a picture.
k?duck × Random picture of quack.
k?fox × Random fact about foxes and a picture.
k?kangaroo × Random picture of kangaroo.
k?koala × Random fact about koalas and a picture.
k?panda × Random fact about pandas and a picture.
k?raccoon × Random picture of raccoon.
k?redpanda × Random picture of redpanda.
k?shiba × Random picture of shiba.
k?whale × Random picture of whale.
📻 × Admin Features & User Database

Admin Features

Kyle also has plenty of useful admin commands to help you with your server.

k?addrole <subcommand> <role> [user] × Advanced addrole.. with this command you have 4 sub commands (add, remove, addall, removeall)
k?lock-channel <reason> <time> × This command will lock the channel, and no one will be able to post there.
k?prefix <prefix> × Change your server prefix from kyle!
k?purge <amount> × Deletes messages from the channel of your choice - max 100 messages
say <message> <yes / no> × Kyle will repeat the message you write to him!
Yes - it will delete your message command k?say
No - Does not delete your message command k?say
k?stealemoji <emoji> <emoji> <emoji> × Steal emojis and add them to the server! Really usefull
k?unlock-channel × This command will unlock the channel and the messaging privileges will return to the way they were.

User Database

Kyle have also user database with this feature you can report raiders etc, and they will be databased so every server can know about them.

/report-user × With this you can report any user for example: raiding, spamming, dm-advertising etc.
/user-database × With this you can check any ID or by page users why they are databased, what did they do + proof
/check-server × This will check whole server and databse if any databased people are on your server it will tell you, it will also tell things about them.
💰 > Premium Functions

Here are some premium perks that Kyle offers as now, premium perks are made to not conflict with out quote, everything is free! Premium perks just automatize functions or make them better.

k?auto-bump <enable / disable> × Enables or disables auto-bumping for the server. This command is only available to premium users who are server owners.
k?bump-adless × With this command you can bump your server without needing a set bump channel!
k?bump-banner <link> × Set a banner for bumping your server. This command is exclusive for premium users and supports only imgur PNG/JPG links or Discord attachment links.

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