Do you have a bot problem and don't know how to fix it? This page can help you!

Occasionally the bot may have some issues, that's a given. So see below how to fix some problems in the best possible way! If you find any other problems, they will be added here with how to fix them! If the problem isn't there report it by using bug command and we look at it further!

The prefix is not working or I forgot what it is, what should I do? • No worries! Simply ping the bot by mentioning it (@botname), and it will respond with the prefix it is currently using. You can then use that prefix to interact with the bot's commands.

The bot does not create server invites, what should i do? • One possible reason is that the bot lacks the necessary permissions to create invitations. Please check the bot's permissions and ensure that it has the "Create Invite" permission enabled. If not, grant it the required permissions to allow it to create server invites.

The bot is not responding to specific commands • If the bot is not responding to specific commands, consider the following:

  • Double-check that you are using the correct command syntax and parameters. Some commands may require specific arguments or formats.

  • Verify that the bot has the necessary permissions to execute the command. Certain commands may require additional permissions.

  • If the issue persists, report it as a bug using k?bug or /bug commands.

The bot is unresponsive or not executing commands • If the bot is not executing commands or is unresponsive this can be problem at our side! If this happens, join our support server and report it, so we can fix it as fast as possible!

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